Aaksha Meghawat

I measure my life by the impact I make. I am a techie and I love making cool products. I believe that data and scale mean power. Which is why I plunged into the cerebral world of algorithms and the human-machine frontier at CMU (Carnegie Mellon University). It is my vision to combine the capabilities of technology with the complexities of people. Data and lots of it, viewed/ transformed into the right perspective can enhance human decisions for speed, ease and quality. It is my objective to build systems and products that make this happen.

I spent 2.5 years in industry driving change in business processes using algorithms, acquiring an indepth industry perspective. And then I was a graduate research assistant at CMU doing some exciting cutting-edge research in machine learning and data science, acquiring a rigorous academic perspective. It is my hope that in my work at Apple, I will be able to combine the two perspectives to create impactful and amazing technology products!

I aspire to be a polymath and have a keen interest in everything that lies at the intersection of technology, society, history and philosophy. My life’s motto:  ‘Value time, and in time you will be valued’

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